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Thunder Light Company Overview

Thunder Light company has been established in February 1994 to provide the specialized hardware requirements for Smart Card Systems, POS, ATM and banking products. Thunder Light company is the largest and most equipped specialized POS repair center in Iran and can be considered the only company with the ability to repair all the major POS brands.
In December 2019, this company received the approval of knowledge-based companies from the Vice President of Science and Technology.

The company is active in all areas related to ICT, Payment Systems and Banking Systems including: Newland Exclusive Agent, Huntkey Exclusive Agent, importing POS Terminals, ATMs, Adapters, payment network equipment, electronic components and other banking equipment.

Software products developed by Thunder light Company can be divided into three categories: peripheral software, payment switch software and web-based software. In the field of peripherals, this company has designed and implemented software for cash registers, and in the field of payment switches, Thunder light Company has designed and implemented the Nasim switch, which has been in Sepah Bank for more than a decade. Also in the field of web-based software, Thunder light Company has designed, implemented and launched the web-app system (PWA) of Samanuim Club of Saman Bank.

POS manufacturing factory

In 2018 and 2019, Thuder-Light decided to create its own brand in the field of card readers, and therefore, after a lot of research and study and numerous visits, with the transfer of knowledge and with the agreement of Newland( which is the second supplier of card readers worldwide) it was able to Receive representation of this company.

In order to meet the domestic needs, this company started to produce different kinds of card reader devices in the country, and for this reason, after obtaining the permission of the board of directors and the approval of Shaparak and the Samt Ministry, the permission to build a factory and produce 200,000 card readers and 50,000 cash registers per year received and in less than a year in January 2022, the factory and production line of card reader devices was opened in the Pardis science and technology park.

Currently, this company has the capacity to produce 500 to 700 card readers per day, and it is possible to increase the production capacity to 1500 per day.

Exceptional capabilities of Thunder Light Company

630000Total POS repaired
7Number of repaired brands
20000Monthly POS repair capacity
510000Total POS produced and sold


POS Repair & Maintenance

Thunder Light Company has many years of experience in specialized repair for major brands of POS such as Pax, Verifone, Bitel, Ingenico, Newland, Talento and Sagem and can be considered the only company with the ability to repair a big variety of brands. Having different levels of quality control and multiple control in 24H and 48H schedules has resulted in 99.9% quality in final output, which has satisfied all of its customers.

POS Terminal sale

Thunder Light company has been providing and supporting electronic payment equipment in order to improve the country's banking industry. Due to the ever-expanding range of electronic payment equipment, the company offers specialized and innovative services to its clients, utilizing a team of qualified and experienced staff. Among its core activities is the sale of Newland POS Terminals. Up to now more than 300,000 POS Terminals from Newland and VeriFone have been sold by Thunder Light company.

Business Partners

According to Nilson Report, Newland Payment Technology (NPT) is the second largest POS terminal provider in the world. NPT has provided a complete, flexible and consistent set of POS Terminals and Cash Registers to its valued customers and partners worldwide while maintaining security and delivering new products. NPT has greatly expanded its geography in recent years and is also the first POS terminal manufacture company in China.

Cashway is an innovative electronic financial products and services company capable of producing 20,000 ATM and CRS machines annually. With the goal of becoming a flagship financial services and self-service company in China, it has achieved the second-largest production of ATM and CRS machines in China.

Huntkey is a professional provider specializing in the development, design, manufacture and marketing of energy resources. Huntkey's products cover a wide range, including power supplies, power systems, computer cases, laptop adapters, chargers, power supplies, and more. It’s customers are located in over 30 countries icluding leading laptop companies such as Lenovo, DELL and others worldwide.

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