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Thunder Light Company News

Date : 2023/09/30

Appreciation of Thunder Light in the second “Made In Iran”  national event 


At the second national manufacturing event in Iran, with the presence of Mohammad Mahdi Baradaran, Deputy General Industries of the ministry of mine and trade, 80 active manufacturing, industrial and economic companies of the country were honored.

According to Maziar Alinia, the organizing secretary of this event, the basis of this program is formed and held based on the importance of the topic of the year, in other words, the discussions that flow annually in the society and are of great importance in the country. Also, the policy council of this event, which was formed based on issues such as support for national production, the performance of producer groups, and most importantly production with national quality, consists of distinguished and academic personalities of the country.

Examining the competencies of successful managers was another part of this event, in which the effects of managers’ negotiation ability, problem solving, empathy skills, development and nurturing of others, self-awareness and self-knowledge of managers, recruitment and other skills that nowadays managers of an organization needs to know, to guarantee success of company .

The National Information Technology Day event was held with the support of Thunder Light Company


   On the 11th of July, the second National Information Technology Day event was held at Milad Tower Congress Center with the presence of 1,600 people, with the support of Thunder Light, Ertebat Farda, Parsian E-Commerce and Joya companies.

  In this event, which was organized by the Tehran ICT Guild organization, Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf, Isa Zarepour, Mohammad Amin Aghamiri, were present and spoke about the importance of information technology in economic prosperity.

During this event, a lottery was held among the guests and five persons were selected.

Mr. Hooman Sepehri, Hossein Vaez Ghamsari, Mohammad Pour Sarparast, Mohammad Javad Taft and Shouresh Moradi awarded prizes to the winners.

  Thunder light Company, which since the beginning of its activity  has been a member of Tehran ICT Guild organization, has become a sponsor of the Information Technology Day event, and as the CEO of this company says, he has considered this as an opportunity to appreciate the efforts of the Tehran ICT Guild organization.

  According to Dr. Sepehri, the CEO of Thunder Light Company, the registration and inclusion of information technology day in the calendar shows the importance of the information technology field for the government and the special attention of the regulators and legislative bodies to this field: “Information technology is a big industry, the use of which in industries leads to increased productivity and production. This has made its use necessary for governmental and non-governmental organizations.”

Date : 2023/07/12

Date : 2023/04/22

Thunder Light won the tender of supplying 40,000 POS terminals of Iran Kish Credit Card Company


According to the public relations report of Thunder Light Company, this company, which was took the first place in the production and sale of POS terminals in the country in last year, and also won the tenders of three PSP companies: Asan Pardakht , Sadad electronic payment and sepehr electronic payment, won the tender of Iran kish credit card company for supplying 40,000 mobile sales terminals, In the last month.

Thunder Light new year celebration

Company and staff gathering


The new year celebration of company was held in March 2023 in the conference hall  in the Pardis science and technology park building, with the presence of the CEO, managers and employees.

In this gathering, Mr. Sepehri spoke  about various matters such as company goals, recent activities and the future of the company. He also pointed to the company’s actions about honoring the employees and creating an educational environment and training courses for the employees and appreciated whole staffs and colleagues in all fields.

Also, at the end, all staffs were welcomed at the Science and Technology Park restaurant and gifts were presented to them as a memorial and on the occasion of the new year.

Date : 2023/03/22

Date : 2023/01/22

Continuation of progress in payment equipment market:

Thunder Light, won the Sepehr electronic payment tender !


 In continuation of its success, Thunder Light Company, which was introduced in 1401 as the first choice of Saman electronic payment , Sadad electronic payment and Asan Pardakht payment, was announced as the winner of the tender of 30,000 mobile card readers of Sepehr Electronic Payment Company.

According to Thunder Light Public Relations, this company has been introduced by Sepehr Electronic Payment Company as the winner of the tender for 30,000 mobile sales terminals.

According to this report, Thunder Light is one of the few domestic manufacturers of sales terminals that has continued its growing production trend this year. With the approval of reputable companies in the payment industry, it has been announced as the winner in several large tenders as a supplier of various models of sales terminals.

Thunder Light sales exceeded 200,000 units in 8 months


Dr. Hooman Sepehri, after announcing the winning of the company in the new tender of Sadad Electronic Payment Company for the supply of 50,000 point of sales terminals, said: Thunder Light has been able to continue its successes in the production and sale of store terminals this year in both quantitative and qualitative areas. 

The CEO of Thunder Light added: In the qualitative field, this company has succeeded in receiving the technical and security approval of Shaparak in the production sector, and in the quantitative field, by diversifying its target market, it has succeeded in concluding a contract with 4 large PSP companies, and its sales volume has increased to 200,000 numbers in 8 months.

Dr. Sepehri considered the achievement of this record as a sign of the country’s payment industry’s trust in Thunder Light ability to supply high quality products and provide appropriate support services, and expressed his hope that with the current trend, Thunder Light reach of the first position in POS sales in 1401 in the country’s market is possible.

Date : 2022/11/22

Date : 2022/10/22

Thunder Light won the other tender of Sadad again


Dr. Hooman Sepehri, after announcing the winning of the company in the new tender of Sadad Electronic Payment Company for the supply of 50,000 point of sales terminals, said: Thunder Light has been able to continue its successes in the production and sale of POS terminals this year in both quantitative and qualitative areas. 

 Company won the Sadad big tender


Following the holding of a tender for the supply of 20,000 point-of-sale (POS) devices by Sadad Electronic Payment Company, Thunder Light Company succeeded in winning this tender by presenting the best offer. This year, this company has tried to meet the needs of the country’s payment industry by increasing its production capacity.

Dr. Sepehri announced that by equipping and developing its production lines, Thunder Light Company is ready to respond to the needs of other payment companies in the country as soon as possible and with the best quality in the framework of international standards, in addition to existing contracts with numerous electronic payment companies in the country.

Date : 2022/09/23

Date : 2022/04/23

Company won the Asan Pardakht big tender


In the big tender of the Asan-Pardakht Company (AP), which was held for the supply of 20,000 point-of-sale (POS) devices, Thunder Light, which is one of the most important manufacturers of card readers in the country, was announced as the winner of this tender.

In addition to Thunder Light company, other big companies were also present in this tender, but this company managed to win this tender by presenting the best offer.

Mr. Hooman Sepehri, the company’s CEO , announced that according to estimates and considering the volume of requests, the country’s payment industry will need about one million card readers.

So far, more than 200,000 card readers based on Newland technology have been produced and marketed by this company. Also, more than 500,000 card readers of different brands have been sold by this company and are serving the country’s payment industry.

Setting up a POS terminal  production factory


In 2018 and 2019, Thunder Light decided to create its own brand in the field of POS terminals , and therefore, after a lot of research and study and numerous visits, with the agreement of Newland( which is the second supplier of card readers worldwide) it was able to Receive representation of this company.

In order to meet the domestic needs, this company started to produce different kinds of card reader devices in the country, and for this reason, after obtaining the permission of the board of directors and the approval of Shaparak and the Samt Ministry, the permission to build a factory and produce 200,000 card readers and 50,000 cash registers per year received and in less than a year in January 2022, the factory and production line of card reader devices was opened in the Pardis science and technology park.

Currently, this company has the capacity to produce 500 to 700 card readers per day, and it is possible to increase the production capacity to 1500 per day.

Date : 2021/11/25

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